I’m Joe Lutgen

I have probably always known that I would end up in this line of work, since it seemed destined to be from the beginning. My innovative mechanical aptitude likely traces back to the small Kansas town in which I was raised.

I grew up surrounded by the equipment used for seed cleaning and gained knowledge of it at a very young age.

This helped me to develop a mindset toward efficiency, and my father’s business taught me not only the value of hard work, but how to use my creative skills to fix things and optimize the various processes we used on a daily basis.

Always passionate about science and math, my love of those topics created a long-term goal: to apply my knowledge of such subjects to practical things in the real world instead of just numbers and facts to be memorized in a classroom.


Throughout my time at Kansas State, where I worked toward a mechanical engineering degree, I held summer jobs as a draftsman.

This is when CAD became my passion.

Following college, I sought a position at the leading CAD company, Pro/ENGINEER–now PTC Creo.

After two rejections, my persistence paid off and I began working for PTC as an application engineer. This extensive on-the-job training was virtually a free bachelor’s degree in “solid modeling and design automation.” In 2010, I transitioned from Pro/Engineer to Solidworks, where I continue to pursue both speed and efficiency to ensure the best possible value is provided to my clients.

Costa Mesa, California is now the place I call home, where I enjoy year-round, pleasant weather. In my spare time, I focus on honing my innovative skills, and coming up with ways to use my 3D printer to create the next big invention.